Andrea Yau

Piano Teacher in Toronto.


Last updated: December 5, 2023

The following spots are available:

1. Biweekly, Tuesdays @ 12:45-1:30pm 
2. Weekly, Tuesdays @ 2:15-3:00pm
3. Weekly, Wednesdays @ 1:45-2:30pm
4. Biweekly, Thursdays @ 1:15-2:00pm  

For more information or to join the waiting list, email me.


Student Testimonials

Here’s what my students have to say about me:

Andrea is an amazing teacher. As an adult learner, Andrea is able to adjust lessons to meet my constantly changing needs (often depending on how my day is going). She makes every lesson stress-free, fun, and yet I always learn something. With Zoom teaching, she has made it very easy. I continue to look forward to every lesson every week.


Adult Piano Student

Andrea changed my perspective on learning. She has given me so much confidence in my ability to learn anything I put my mind too. I always never felt academic enough to learn music – especially reading it. She has been so kind, thoughtful and somehow magically gave me the skills to learn piano. Honestly an amazing instructor, and creates a fun non judgmental learning environment.


Adult Piano Student

Andrea is a superb instructor, with an excellent knowledge of the repertoire and pedagogy for her students. She puts an emphasis on living Canadian composers, showcasing the talent in this country, and knows how to motivate her students well, with a combination of choice repertoire, games, and rewards. Andrea is personable, reliable, tireless, and is quick to respond to queries and concerns. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking for the right piano teacher.


Musician & Parent to a 7 yr. old Piano Student

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