5 Reasons to Support Canadian Music

In a week from now, several of my students will be participating in Contemporary Showcase Toronto, a festival that is part of the Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects (ACNMP). There are tons of music festivals out there, but this one is special for several reasons: It is non-competitive (i.e. there are no marks or 1st/2nd /3rd places awarded). It is held at the Royal Conservatory of Music, a historic music building in Canada. The adjudicators are of exceptional quality. Most importantly though: All pieces played at this festival are by contemporary Canadian composers. In fact, the festival happens right in the middle of Canadian Music Week, a week long celebration of Canadian musicians that involves lots of performances of Canadian music.

Why should we support Canadian music? Why does Canadian Music matter? Why should pianists play music by Canadian composers? Here are 5 reasons why:

1. To promote awareness and education of Canadian music to the wider public. Canadians make fantastic music. Everybody should know about it…and not just the Canadians!

2. To learn about the various influences that have shaped Canada and its music. Many events and cultures played a part in creating the Canada that exists today; these influences are often reflected in Canadian music. Studying Canadian music is a way to learn about Canada’s history and to connect with its landscape and inhabitants.

3. To preserve Canadian cultural heritage. Bringing attention to Canadian music is a way of making these works heard and accessible to all and to maintain them for future generations to enjoy.

4. To showcase Canadian talent. Canada has some incredibly bright and talented individuals who regularly contribute to our vibrant arts scene. We want to show our recognition and support to these individuals: composers, teachers, and young pianists for what they do.

5. To support further development of new music in Canada. We want to inspire and promote creativity in young Canadian musicians so that they will continue to enrich Canadian Arts.

Piano lessons are an excellent platform for exposing students to music that they may not have explored otherwise. In a world full of music and music makers, it is wonderful to know that there is an abundance of high quality music coming from home soil.